Drew Barrymore is rejoining her acting partner-in-crime Adam Sandler for his new untitled romantic comedy. 

This will be the duo’s third movie together after “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates”, both of which were very successful and two of Sandler’s more quality films.

Sandler was scheduled to complete a Western comedy for Paramount pictures but opted out of the still unfinished script to star in the WB’s newest romantic comedy with Barrymore. While the movie doesn’t have a name yet, Frank Coraci is set to direct the movie. Coraci has worked with the actor frequently in the past and this will be his fourth time directing a Sandler film.

The new film follows a typical romantic comedy formula with Sandler and Barrymore playing a couple who get stuck with each other at a resort with their kids from previous marriages.

What can we expect from the actors’ reunion on the big screen? Hopefully lots of slapstick and romantic fun between Barrymore and Sandler who have great onscreen chemistry and are both entertaining and fun to watch together.

The movie has no planned release date as of yet.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to another Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler film?


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