Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson try to figure out how to properly utilize the “googliness” of Google in “The Internship.” It’s surprising to say that the film doesn’t play as a two hour advertisement for the large and intricate company, but instead is the backdrop for a heartwarming, reach-for-your-dreams comedy about two guys (and their team) trying to prove themselves and what they can do.
When you watch the trailer for a comedy starring the actors from “Wedding Crashers,” you fear that you’ve already seen every funny scene in the movie and there’ll be nothing left. While a lot of the comedic scenes do appear in the trailer, the rest of the film does have plenty to play off of in terms of story and fun moments.
The story is basic enough: Salesmen Nick and Billy (Wilson and Vaughn) are in the middle of a big sale when they’re told by a person who is not their boss that their company has closed down. At this point, John Goodman makes a quick and great cameo in a meeting which basically leaves the two friends and sales partners with no job and no prospects. Billy loses his house to foreclosure and Nick is stuck in a job working with his sister’s psycho boyfriend.
As their stable world is slipping from their grasp, Billy gets the brilliant idea to intern for Google. A little heart-filled speech following a crazy and all-over-the-place interview surprisingly lands them the internship I’m sure thousands of smart, young minds are constantly competing for. When they get to Google, their internship isn’t as easy as they hoped it would be. Before they know it, they’re stuck in a team of people who can’t stand each other but ultimately, the duo’s optimism and talk-their-way-out-of-anything creates a new dynamic among the team.
The movie is filled with geek terminology and references that somehow pass over the heads of Wilson and Vaughn, who constantly refers to being online as being “on the line.” But it’s nice to see that between being crazy and extremely talkative, both characters eventually begin to take the internship much more seriously because they want to prove themselves and not let their team down. Which is really what the entire movie’s about: chasing a seemingly delusional dream, proving that they’re more than capable of doing a job if they’re open to learning, and most importantly, realizing that they can accomplish all these things.
The film doesn’t just focus on the trials and tribulations of Vaughn and Wilson alone, however. It does take time to focus on the other members of the comedy duo’s intern team as well. Rose Byrne is thrown in there as a romantic interest for Wilson’s character and it’s a shame that her character doesn’t really serve any other purpose besides being flirted with, so her talents do slightly go to waste. Max Minghella plays a snobbish, pompous dictator of a team leader and looks like he’s enjoying every minute of it. Although he can get so annoying at times that the other characters aren’t the only ones who want to shut him up.

While the movie is filled with plenty of comedy and jokes, at the heart of the film is a heartwarming, if a bit cliched message that can apply to any age group. It will also make you want to work at Google, funny hats and all.

What Wilson and Vaughn accomplish is getting to the heart of the story with their charming buddy attitudes that only they can seem to pull off. Is the film as funny as “Wedding Crashers”? Maybe not, but it still holds its own and plays up the chemistry the characters have with each other.
For two hours, you’re having as much of a good time as the characters onscreen. “The Internship”
provides laughs and easy entertainment. And really, what this movie is is fun and enjoyable. Vaughn and Wilson ramble themselves into another one of their outrageous plans and somehow make it work.



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