Hollywood loves the apocalypse and films are always finding new ways to threaten humanity or wipe them out completely. A lot of films of this nature have become rigid and boring because they pretty much follow the same type of formula. So it’s nice to actually confirm that “This is the End” is not one of these films. One of the most highly anticipated comedies of the last two years, the comedy starring six well-known comedians is crude, incredibly hilarious, and takes the apocalypse in an entirely new and crazy direction (crazy here being a good thing).
Jay Baruchel is visiting his friend Seth Rogen in L.A. after a long time apart. Rogen is famous, Baruchel is not. This fact kind of throws a wrench in their relationship, but they still try and have a good time together. Rogen goes out of his way to make Baruchel feel included in his life and a lot of it involves overdoing things to prove that nothing has changed in their friendship. So, after spending a day together, Rogen ushers his highly reluctant friend to a party at James Franco’s house. You can imagine the long list of celebrities at the party and Rihanna, Michael Cera, Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling, and Paul Rudd all make cameos. So a party at Franco’s house is apparently a lot of fun! Michael Cera does all sorts of disgusting and strange things (slapping Rihanna’s rear is only one of them) and Baruchel is hounded for not liking “Forrest Gump” (a blasphemy of epic proportions apparently).
Baruchel is uncomfortable with Rogen’s Hollywood friends and isn’t enjoying the party so to take a break, the two friends make a pit stop at a local store. That’s when the apocalypse happens and most everyone in the store is beamed up into the sky, and Baruchel and Rogen hightail it back to Franco’s in a panic. That’s when all hell breaks loose as most every celebrity gets sucked into the Earth’s core, leaving only Franco, Rogen, Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Jonah Hill seeking refuge together.
The movie is crazy in that a lot of the events that happen in the film are random and unexpected. Why didn’t Hollywood ever think to make a celebrity version of the apocalypse before? There are so-called zombie invasion theories, six guys holed up in a house attempting to remain civil with each other, Emma Watson wielding an ax and other hysterical scenarios galore. It’s almost like house arrest on crack. Wait, maybe it is.
You might think that in all the craziness, there wouldn’t actually be a story, but there actually is. Of course, having the apocalypse happen and being stuck in a house with a bunch of males and nowhere to go leaves a lot of room to settle certain issues they each have with each other. From Rogen and Baruchel’s floundering relationship to Franco and McBride’s hostility towards one another, there’s plenty to talk and argue about. And of course since it’s the end of the world, the guys set up a video confessional room just to make things more interesting.


“This is the End” is probably the funniest movie to come out in the last two years. There are laughs to be had from the  beginning up until the very end. As the film progresses, the story gets more fun and somehow more astonishingly and hysterically ridiculous. The cast play  alternate versions of themselves and somehow make it work really well. “This is the End” is a must-see comedy that maintains a good balance between the laughter and bromantic character development and moments between the six comedians. A surprise cameo in the end is only the cherry on top of what is a fun and laugh-out-loud film.

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