This year has been full of great, mediocre, and just plain awful movies. But regardless of where certain films stand (and none of the films on this list are bad ones, mind you), a lot of them had good or really funny moments. So, in honor of the end of 2013, I’ve come up with a list that highlights the five funniest scenes from movies this year. They’re in no particular order (because I’m too indecisive), but they are each unique and funny in their own way. Be it laugh out loud, or chuckle-worthy, these scenes stood out in their own form of comedic execution.  

  • I couldn’t find the actual scene anywhere, but if you’ve seen The Kings of Summer, then you know that the scene where Biaggio is speaking with his dad in Spanish about friendship while his dad shaves and only the lower half of his face is showing, is one of the most comedic scenes in the film. After the conversation ends, all Biaggio says is “thought so” and flies out the door. Made me laugh out loud.
  • The scene of Leo DiCaprio crawling after taking too many drugs called Quaaludes, which were expired because no one was making them anymore, is probably the funniest scene in the three hours that is The Wolf of Wall Street. I couldn’t get a full video, but this GIF pretty much sums it up. Epic Leo crawling. That. Is. All. 

  • The Backstreet Boys may be still be around, but let’s face it, they’re so ’90s. Granted, our love of their classic songs is still very much around. And in This is the End, it looks like Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel are big fans too. So much so, that their wish in heaven is to have the Backstreet Boys show up and sing “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”, all with the original choreography. Pretty original and outrageous at the same time. 
  • This scene still hasn’t made it to YouTube yet, so that’s disappointing, but one of the funniest scenes of the year comes from The World’s End, where Simon Pegg’s Gary finally makes it to the twelfth bar on the list and is met with the head of The Network, which has been taking over human bodies left and right. So, in order to stop an alien invasion, what does Gary do? Talk the alien’s ears off, of course. The real question here is this: do aliens actually have ears?

  • What’s a better way to spoof a romantic comedy than in a romantic comedy? Well, that’s exactly what Joseph Gordon-Levitt does in his directorial debut Don Jon. When he and Scarlett Johansson go to see a movie called “Special Someone”, two surprise cameos by Channing Tatum and Anne Hathaway as the movie couple who meet and fall in love make this scene memorable and funny. 


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