Steve Jobs was a well-known man. A public figure that many revered and waited for to take the stage, usually meaning the general public was going to be getting a new gadget or technology. As the co-founder of Apple and later CEO, Jobs was considered a visionary by many. But, it wasn’t always this way. He had just as much of an intriguing personal life and his struggles are now being well documented in films, most recently portrayed by Ashton Kutcher in 2013’s Jobs, where the little seen film and Kutcher’s great performance were pretty much neglected.

Now Michael Fassbender will take on the role of Jobs, in the aptly titled Steve Jobs. The film, directed by Danny Boyle (28 Days LaterSlumdog Millionaire127 Hours) with a script by Aaron Sorkin (The NewsroomThe Social Network), will arrive just in time for awards season and also boasts a fantastic cast that includes Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels.

You can check out the first official look at the film below. Steve Jobs opens October 9, 2015.


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