The last time we saw Derek Zoolander, he was opening up the Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good. We don’t know if it was successful or not, because the new teaser trailer for Zoolander 2 just gives us a breakdown of human evolution, narrated by a very Stephen Hawking-like voice before Ben Stiller appears onscreen in all his dim-brained glory.

The original film opened in 2001, so it’s been 15 years since and Zoolander hasn’t got any smarter it seems. The only plot we have to go on right now is that Derek and Hansel (Owen Wilson) are modeling again, but they’re threatened by an opposing company that tries to get rid of the competition.

You can check out the teaser trailer below.

Zoolander 2 opens February 12, 2016 and will also co-star Will Ferrell, Penelope Cruz, Billy Zane, Olivia Munn, Kristen Wiig, and include cameos by Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and others.


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