It’s always nice to see Disney Channel stars spread their wings and branch out into something new. This is the case with Shake it Up! star Bella Thorne. She co-starred in The DUFF, where she played the mean girl, earlier this year with Mae Whitman, and while she didn’t have a large role, she’ll be taking on a leading role in Big Sky, where she’ll play a character who is pretty much afraid of open spaces (a fear called agoraphobia). The film is a thriller, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it also includes some mother/daughter bonding moments.

Synopsis: A teenage girl who suffers a mortal fear of open spaces, is enrolled in a high-end treatment facility by her mother in the hope that they can find a cure. When the van they are travelling in is suddenly attacked by two masked gunmen, she must confront her biggest fear and fight for her survival.

Directed by Jorge Michel Grau, with a screenplay by Evan M. Weiner, the film also stars Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) as her mother, Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Solider) and Aaron Tveit (Les Miserables).

Check out the full trailer below!

Big Sky will open in limited theaters and on VOD August 14, 2015.




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