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Acting is reacting. And movies wouldn’t be half as fun if they were always focused on one primary character. Characters need friends, too. Or sidekicks. Whatever happens to work for the film. This year, there were plenty to choose from and so I’ve picked what I believe to be the best duos of 2015. Some of them are fun duos, others serious, and some physically capable to kick your ass. Regardless of the nature of their relationship, one wouldn’t be as great without the other.

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Mae is a Washington, DC-based film critic, entertainment journalist and Weekend Editor at Heroic Hollywood. A member of the Washington, DC Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA), she's a geek who loves discussing movies and TV. She is also a voting member of the Black Reel Awards. If she's not at the movies, she's catching up on her superhero TV-watching, usually with a glass of wine in hand.

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