Saoirse Ronan had a good year at the Sundance Film Festival. She was there with not one, but two films, and the two films are completely different from one another, giving her the ability to produce two very unique and different portrayals. The first one I saw of Ronan’s films was Stockholm, Pennsylvania in which she plays a kidnapped girl who’s developed a father/daughter relationship with her captor Ben (Jason Isaacs). When she’s finally returned to her parents 18 years later, she and her mother (Cynthia Nixon) have a difficult time acclimating to each other’s presence. And her mother, desperate to rekindle her relationship with the daughter she lost so long ago, takes some interesting measures in order to form a bond.

The film is a unique play on Stockholm Syndrome and first-time director Nikole Beckwith explores the relationship between Ronan’s character, her mother, and Ben to an interesting degree, which ultimately has the audience questioning what’s good and what’s bad about the entire situation.

Saoirse Ronan and Jason Isaacs sat down with me and three others for a round-table interview to discuss the film at the Sundance Acura tent at Park City’s Main Street. The interview turned into more of a great discussion about storytelling, parenthood, perception, and acting.

You can listen to the interview below (there is still a bit of background noise that has been toned down post-editing, but you can hear every word) and be sure to check out my review of the film here!



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