One of the highest grossing films from last year, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” most likely surprised Fox with its stunning success. So it’s not really surprising that they greenlit a sequel, and now Julianne Moore (“Still Alice”) is in talks to play the villain role in the film.

Matthew Vaughn (“X-Men: First Class,” “Kick-Ass”) will be back to direct the sequel, which will see Taron Egerton (“Eddie the Eagle”) reprise his role as Eggsy, a kid from a tough neighborhood in London who’s taken under the wing of a well-groomed secret service agent, played by Colin Firth.

The sequel will change locations, going from London to the United States. Details about Moore’s role haven’t been disclosed, but if a deal is made, she will be the primary villain for the movie, taking over from Samuel L. Jackson’s comically villainous role in the first film.

Firth, of course, will not be reprising his role due to what happened with his character in the previous film, but if they could somehow squeeze him in the film via flashback or something, no one would complain.

“Kingsman 2” is set to start shooting this summer.


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