Keira Knightley is once again relying on the past for a new role. She has been tapped to star as the title character in “Colette,” about the famous French author, most famous for writing “Gigi” and winning a Nobel Peace Prize in 1948. “Still Alice” director, Wash Westmore, is set to helm the film. He directed Julianne Moore in the aforementioned film and she won critical acclaim last year for her portrayal of a woman suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s.

Knightley, whose most popular roles have been in films set in the past, be it in “Anna Karenina,” “Pride and Prejudice” or the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, was last seen in “The Imitation Game” alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. She usually plays gutsy women in one form or other and the film will surely look fantastic as the production team behind “Carol” will be working on the film.

Colette was one of France’s most popular female writers. In order to sell more books (and probably to get published), she wrote under her first husband’s name. Filming will begin this May.

Source: Deadline


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