Everyone has been tapping into the endless stream of comic book-oriented shows, and Netflix is one of them. It started with last year’s “Daredevil” and then a few months later, they premiered “Jessica Jones.” And they’re not stopping there. When “Daredevil” premieres its second season on March 18, there will be new character additions, one of which is Jon Bernthal as The Punisher. Before we see the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen back on our screens, Netflix is already developing a series spinoff, titled “The Punisher.” This is in addition to another spinoff from “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage,” which has Mike Colter reprising his role as the title character. “The Punisher” is in very early development, but it only proves that Netflix is really confident and invested in bringing these comic book characters to life.

In other news, “Jessica Jones” has now officially been confirmed for a second season. It was considered a sure thing, especially with all the rave reviews it received around the time it premiered in November 2015. No release date has been set yet. In addition, other Marvel shows in development or production over at Netflix include “The Defenders” and “The Iron Fist.” Perhaps there’ll be an Elektra spinoff too? We need more women on TV and “Jessica Jones” only further proved that people will watch.


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