“Riverdale” came back after a two-week hiatus, but didn’t strike the right balance all the way through.

Here’s an excerpt from my review of “Chapter Eight: The Outsiders:”

It was all about the blood feuds and betrayals in this week’s Riverdale. The focus was very much on making right the wrongs of the past as the Coopers and Blossoms tangled with each other over Polly and her baby. Elsewhere, F.P. helped Fred out by having the Serpents come work for him temporarily as a show of good will for Fred taking Jughead in. Archie, meaning to help by leaping headfirst into (usually wrong) conclusions, tells his dad that because the construction site is his legacy, Archie is a part of that legacy by extension. It belongs to him and he wants to honor that. It’s a nice sentiment in an episode riddled with family history that isn’t as easy to contend with.

You can read the rest of my review over here. You can find all of my previous recaps for the show here.


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