To no one’s surprise, The CW series, “The Flash,” is doing the Flashpoint Paradox story line. Series star Grant Gustin, in his excitement after having finished reading the first script for season three, was given permission by executive producer, Greg Berlanti, to reveal the title of the episode: “Flashpoint.”

After traveling back in time to save his mother (again), after Zoom killed his father in the penultimate episode, there was never really any doubt that the show would go the route of one The Flash’s most recently well-known comic book story. To what extent and how long it will last is anyone’s guess at this point, but speculation about whether or not the show would actually go there can be put to rest.

In summary, “The Flashpoint Paradox” story finds Barry Allen running back in time to save his mom. In doing so, he disrupts the timeline he came from and uses so much time energy that it causes a ripple effect that ripples out and touches the entire time stream, even events that happened before his mother was murdered. One of the things that’s different is that there is no Flash at all, but instead, Citizen Cold (aka Captain Cold in the original timeline) is Central City’s hero, Iris and Barry don’t know each other at all, and Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman, but Thomas Wayne is instead. These are just some parts of the story that brought about the New 52 in the DC comics world.

However, Gustin assures us that the show is going to do “its own thing,” as it has been doing, by staying loyal to the source material, but paving its own path. And the possibilities are endless, so we’ll see how it goes.

But since none of the other DC TV shows on the network are getting alternate timelines, and let’s be real, the show wouldn’t undo two seasons worth of development, my own speculation (and hope, really) is that this “new” timeline lasts up to three episodes maximum before Barry “fixes” it. What the repercussions might be are unknown. There’s also been talk of a four-way crossover between “The Flash,” “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Supergirl,” but we’ll probably have to wait until the San Diego Comic Con for any concrete information and details about anything.

Either way, whatever is written in the “Flashpoint” script has the cast excited. “The Flash” season 3 will begin filming July 7 and episode one will premiere October 4, 2016.


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