TV: Favorite Moments from Season 2 of CW’s ‘The Flash’

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The cast of The Flash , with the exception of Carlos Valdes. Left to right: Danielle Panabaker, Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, Grant Gustin, and Tom Cavanagh.

There are a lot of scripted TV shows out there. After more than a year-long hiatus of missing out on good television (and some pestering from my brother and a friend), I decided to suck it up and binge-watch CW’s The Flash season one when it made its way to Netflix. After growing a bit fatigued with season three of Arrow (can we take a break from the flashbacks?), I was filled with a bit of trepidation at starting another superhero show, even though I usually watch this genre with the fervor of a teenager. After all, starting a show might mean a long-term commitment if you fall in love with it at best, or leaving the show behind with a frustrated eye-roll and a bit of remorse at not knowing what will happen at worst.

So I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of The Flash. The show, which has its ups and downs like any other, has a lot of heart. A surprising amount of it, in fact. Even with its use of science-fiction mumbo jumbo that will leave even the least science-y people shaking their heads, eyebrows raised at its ridiculousness. It isn’t cold and calculated, but quick-witted and even underhandedly pokes fun of itself. The characters, and their relationships with each other, are obviously at the forefront and it’s a universe that isn’t bogged down by too much darkness and a lead character who isn’t as broody as his TV counterpart.

I won’t carry on about why this show is great to watch, but instead will give you a wrap-up of what have been my favorite scenes/moments from the first half of The Flash season two. Yes, it spent too much time playing set-up to the upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which is set to premiere in January, but when it wasn’t playing second fiddle to its own story line, there were plenty of great moments to love.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but tries to choose one moment or scene from most of the episodes thus far. Check out the list by clicking through the gallery!


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