The mystery that is Zoom continues. As we learn more and more about him (a kernel here and there, really), the more of an enigma he becomes. No one can seem to figure out his identity and the show isn’t offering up the truth any time soon, it seems.

“Escape from Earth-2” begins immediately after last week’s episode, with a speeding Zoom terrorizing the city and threatening everyone to find Harrison Wells. Sure, Zoom may have kidnapped Earth-1 Barry Allen, but he needs Wells to do the speed-stealing 2.14 escape from earth-2-3for him. Obviously, Wells has a formula that Zoom hasn’t worked out yet, the terrorist that he is. Cisco brings Wells up to speed, but they’ve forgotten about someone: Earth-2 Barry Allen, who has woken up and is not happy, going off about how his wife is a police officer and whatnot. (As an aside, Earth-2 Barry is adorable and too precious for this world).

After being released, E2 Barry quickly explains to E2 Iris (who is furious that her husband didn’t come home the night before) that the Barry from yesterday wasn’t him. Wells and Cisco need a way to find Zoom’s lair so they use E2 Barry’s meta algorithm to find Killer Frost and have her lead them to Zoom. Cisco believes that no matter how evil this Caitlin is, Zoom still killed Ronnie and that would probably fuel her rage enough to possibly betray him, which she does (actually, she double-crosses both parties at some point, but Killer Frost eventually finds her warmth).

Wells, Cisco, and E2 Barry and Iris and Killer Frost head into the woodlands and scale a mountain to reach Zoom’s “lair.” In said lair, E1 Barry is trapped behind a thick glass cage and this chance offers up the first time he and Jesse Wells interact all season. Then, there’s “the man in the iron mask” (MITIM), who keeps tapping. It’s not long until The Flash figures out the unnamed man is using a POW code. They only have time to spell out J-A-Y. Barry assures the prisoner that Jay is fine, but this only angers MITIM, so obviously that’s not what he wanted Barry to know.

2.14 escape from earth-2-2Meanwhile, on Earth-1, Geomancer (who looks a lot like movie Cyclops from “X-Men”) is still terrorizing Central City. Caitlin formulates Velocity-8 and then Velocity-9 to help Jay get his speed back temporarily to stop him. We are introduced to Iris’ new editor, Scott Evans, who is not a fan of The Flash and dislikes Iris’ “puff” pieces about the superhero. Wanting her to write about how The Flash may not always be around to save the city, Iris, not wanting to put her best friend in a negative light, offers instead to write about the new Flash. Scott agrees, for now.

Geomancer somehow finds Jay is hiding out in S.T.A.R. Labs and pays him, Caitlin, and Iris a visit. After he’s defeated, Jay and the rest of the team have to work to stabilize the speed cannon and ensure the safe return of their remaining team members. The Flash gets everyone back safely, but not before Jay is hand-stabbed by Zoom and sucked into the speed cannon back to Earth-2.

“Escape to Earth-2” wasn’t as well-paced as its predecessor, but it did offer up new and vitalinformation, but also left us with far more questions than answers. Is Jay Zoom? Or is MITIM actually Jay and the Jay on Earth-1 is a fake? The episode explored a lot of things and tried to balance out the happenings on both Earths at the same time, but some things didn’t stick. The introduction of Iris’ boss was too abrupt and quick–he’ll prove to be a thorn in her side because they don’t see eye-to-eye, but will also be a possible romantic love interest at some point, I’m sure. Geomancer is underwhelming as a meta and the fact that Jay can somehow sleep through an earthquake happening right inside S.T.A.R. Labs is unfathomable, but only serves to add to his now excessive shadiness. 2.14 escape from earth-2

Having gone through most of the negatives, “Escape from Earth-2” was still a fun hour of television, even though it was less of a fully formed episode and more of a puzzle piece to the season. Earth-2 Barry Allen giving a pep talk to his Earth-1 counterpart provides the episode with an emotional moment that feels authentic (especially since 2 Barry is very Milo Thatch-esque and spends the majority of the episode freaking out or hiding behind Iris, but still doing something he is completely uncomfortable doing, making him a hero in E1 Barry’s book). Now, since Jesse’s imprisonment is no longer an issue and the last breach has been closed, it’ll be interesting to see how the show’s writers will bring back Zoom (because we know he’ll be back!). Also, E1 Barry promised MITIM that he’ll come back for him.

Random Thoughts:

  • Earth-2 Barry is, yes I’ll say it again, adorable! Can we keep him? And by extension, badass Detective Iris West-Allen, as well?
  • Cisco took Reverb’s power glasses. He’ll put them to good use… as soon as he changes the frequency.
  • Glad they finally saved Jesse, as holding her hostage for the remainder of the season would have been tiresome.
  • Who is the man in the iron mask? The real Jay Garrick? Earth-2 Wally West? Eddie Thawne? Leonardo DiCaprio? Other theories?
  • People need to stop waltzing into S.T.A.R. Labs like it’s a open 24/7 convenience store. Didn’t they install new security measures at the beginning of the season?
  • They keep killing off (though I don’t believe Jay is dead) Caitlin’s boyfriends. Poor Caitlin.
  • This episode needed more Joe West.
  • “Wait, he got frisky with you?! Ok, I’m gonna have to find this guy and give him a piece of my mind.” E2 Barry Allen being appalled by E1 Barry Allen in regards to kissing Iris.
  • Cisco to Killer Frost: “It’s a work in progress, Elsa.” He watches all movies.
  • I will miss the doppelgangers.

Not as well-paced as its predecessor, "Escape from Earth-2" was still a fun hour of television and escalated the overall season arc. We got some good character moments, but more questions. The mystery of Zoom still remains.



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